Журнал изменений

Version 4.5

13 апр. 2023 г.

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  • Introducing Background Tool in Annotate - easily create beautiful social media posts that stand out from others

  • 🎨 Crop Tool will now recognize background color - automatically detects background color when you expand the canvas

  • 🗑️ You can now remove files from Capture History

  • 🔍 Added filter option to Capture History

  • It's now easier to restore multiple files from Capture History

  • Added CMD+D shortcut to duplicate object in Annotate

  • Added CMD+C shortcut to All-In-One

  • Added trash button to Quick Access Overlay if you use the auto-save option in After Capture settings

  • Fixed bug with capturing inactive window with All-In-One

  • Fixed bug with pressing spacebar to play/pause in Video Editor

  • Annotate UI improvements

  • Minor bug fixes

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